Pilot Media

Pilot Media has been operating continuously since 1992. Between 1995 and 2006 we provided comprehensive interactive web and CD ROM development for education, training, media databases and games. We were recognized for more than a dozen awards for innovation and technical execution for our work with DC Heath, Cosmic Blender, Magic Hour Communication, Florida State University, Hasbro, and Lucas Films. Many of these products included customized game design. In the late 1990's Pilot Media shipped two products. These were distributed nationally, through the Education Resources catalog.

Currently, Pilot Media and Soeleos provide instructional design and production for online learning, game and activity design, project management. We focus on the development of online learning media for Web and Mobile platforms including interactive games, activities, e-books and learning management systems. We are instructional designers by trade, with considerable experience both design, production, and management (certified PMP).